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Kezdőlap » ''Built out of tiny pieces'' - Conclusion
''Built out of tiny pieces'' - Conclusion
The Hungarian National Bank has conveyed the official closing statement to the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service about the total value of the 1 and 2 Forint coins that were collected in the large Hungary-shaped silhouette at WestEnd City Center between February 8th and March 9th.
Based on the data from the first counting, as much as 6,246,242 HUF were collected over the course of the 4 weeks of program that ran under the label ”Built out of Tiny Pieces” - thanks to the benevolent donors coming from all parts of the country.
Coins are still being collected even after the closing of our program, at all parts of the country, that can be donated until June, followed by a second official counting. As you may also know it, the collected donations will go to aid the neediest families in the field of view of the Charitable Service.
The Hungarian Maltese Charity Service would like to thank the generous contribution of all donors who willingly supported the cause, and furthermore continues to welcome donations of all kinds from all those who furthermore would still be willing to support its values, aims and goals.

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