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''Spotless donation''
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The Hungarian Maltese Charity Service announced a nationwide charitable campaign
The Hungarian Maltese Charity Service and Vanish initiated a nationwide clothing collection campaign called “Spotless donation” starting the beginning of March. During the program we can donate our chothes that are still in a good condition at nearly as much as fifty, easily approachable sites nationwide.
The speciality of the charitable program - aside from its nationwide extension - is, that the donated clothes are cleaned by Vanish, the sponsor of the program, and thus - through the help of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service - can reach the needy in a clean condition.
The collected donations are cleaned in the homeless laundries of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service.
Father Imre Kozma, in the name of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service said:
“A large company, that finds it important to turn a portion of its economical revenue on social aims can greatly increase the opportunities laid within the work of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, and helps those who are in the need of this help. We are convinced of the fact, that our program, initiated mutually with the company Reckitt Benkiser, producer of the Vanish products lays an example of social cohesion besides the joy of “doing good”.
Lauren Faracci, CEO of Rekitt Benckiser said:
“We are very delighted for the initiation of the Spotless donation program. Our purpose was to support the clothing collection campaign of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, and to grab the attention of those for the importance of second-hand clothing collection, who have never donated clothes for charitable purposes before. With the help of the Vanish brand, we moreover provide further support for the Maltese Charity Service.”
During the month of March Vanish supports the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service with 10 Hungarian Forints after each Vanish product sold.
Click here for a list of second-hand clothing collector sites. More information on the campaign can be found on this page.
Further information:
Brickner Regina
Well PR Agency
1136 Budapset, Pannónia utca 11.
Tel: +36 1/350 73 90, ext. 130.
About Vanish:
Vanish has been present on the Hungarian market for sixteen years, and has become a recognized expert of spot removal in the circle of Hungarian housewifes. Everyone can find the particular product suiting best for their needs within its portfolio, be it clothes-washing, curtain or carpet cleaning.
The producer and dealer of Vanish products is Reckitt Benckiser, whose products are sold in over 180 countries in the world, having such well-known brands next Vanish as Airwick, Calgon, Calgonit, Dosia, Harpic, Mortein, Veet and Quanto, inlcuding non-prescription medications such as Strepstils and Norofen that can be found on the company’s portfolio since 2006.
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